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Who Gives Me Advice On My Career Development? , por José Aguilar


Three verses sum up the qualities of those rare, yet enormously valuable people who give us advice at critical points of our career. That someone is perhaps a coach, a senior colleague or a friend who knows our industry or our company well. Each one, from various perspectives and with fairly sophisticated tools, prop us up at the crossroads charting our professional future.

1. Proactivity

I am the master of my fate:

I am the captain of my soul.

(William Ernest Henley)

The best counsellors do not present us with firm solutions; instead they urge us to face our own challenges. In some cultures, the most important decisions for change are made by others. Many professionals chose their studies without a very clear-cut idea what work they will pursue in the future. The first jobs typically come about from a series of coincidences (opportunities that come up at the right time) or through the influence of someone in our ambience. Afterwards, careers often progress organically: promotions through good performance or simply due to seniority at the company, among others. Sometimes we change jobs only because the previous one is no longer viable or because we receive a better offer elsewhere in view of our experience or our contacts. Suddenly at 40, many people look back on the career path taken acknowledging that control over their career depends much more on external factors than by their own hand. Proactivity means it’s important to have a job that allows us to generate income, but it is even more crucial that such employment makes sense in our greater pursuit of how we want our career to be like.


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